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Carla Plummer's Testimony

I wanted to say a big thank you for all your help. I really appreciate it. So, let me tell you about what happened with Billie. It all started in August 2023 when he was just 3 months old.
Billie had a temperature that didn't go away even after giving him Calpol. Worried, I took him to the A&E, but they sent us home, saying it was just a viral infection. But as the day went on, Billie's condition worsened. His soft spot swelled up, he couldn't feed properly, and he just seemed really unwell. So, I decided to take him to a different hospital.
Thankfully, the staff at the new hospital were fantastic. They suspected meningitis and performed a lumbar puncture and several other tests. We were then admitted to the ward, and Billie was put on antibiotics. But even after a couple of days, there was no improvement. In fact, Billie was getting worse. His glands were swollen, his eyes were sore, he was vomiting, and he developed a rash. He just couldn't find any comfort. It was heart-breaking for me to see him so little and so sick.
That's when they called in a consultant for me to speak to. I told her everything that was happening, and she came back with a diagnosis of Kawasaki disease. I had never even heard of it before. Billie had to undergo two rounds of IVIG treatment because the first one didn't work. We ended up spending two weeks in the hospital, and now we have monthly appointments there. Billie is also being looked after by the cardiology team at Newcastle RVI, but we don't need to see them until next year.
Thanks again for your support, it’s means a lot to me.

Gemma Gill's Testimony

"Thank you so much for your financial assistance. It means a lot to me, especially during this challenging time with Hunter being back in the hospital. I've never had to apply for a grant before, and I must admit, I feel a bit uncomfortable asking for support. However, you really came through for us, and I can't express how grateful I am!"

Harriet's Testimony

Conversation between KD UK and Harriet Hutchsinon

"My GP called you after I had spoken to Sue from the Kawasaki Society Support Group. She was given great advice and contact details that enabled her to get William seen at a Children's hospital which took our situation seriously and was happy to admit him and start treatment following an assessment. Undoubtedly, without the advice I and my GP received we would not have got William the care and treatment he needed before his situation got worse. The advice we received has proved to be invaluable in ensuring our boy is healthy and recovered. I would definitely recommend parents to get in touch, as I said I just don't know where we'd be if we hadn't."

Ella's Testimony

"Thank you so much. I cannot begin to describe how thankful we are to receive this donation. After an incredibly difficult period since my son caught KD, you have given us a sliver of light. "

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