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Who are we?

Kawasaki Disease UK is an award winning registered charity and a leading childhood aid-organization in raising awareness and providing sustenance to families affected by Kawasaki Disease across the United Kingdom. 

Our mission is to save lives by promoting awareness of the classic symptoms and establish diagnosis within 4 days of the onset of the condition.

Kawasaki Disease mostly strikes children under the age of 5, initially manifesting itself with three or more symptoms and in many cases, this disease could cause serious damage to the heart (usually in the form of aneurysms caused by inflammation of the coronary arteries of the heart).

Kawasaki Disease is now known to be the leading cause of coronary heart disease in children that affects adult life. It is also suspected to be the primary source of death by unexplained heart failure in children and young adults. Such cases are on the increase and are believed to be partly hereditary which poses a 10% chance of being passed onto offspring.

Our work helps to sustain the awareness of a little known, complex heart disease and to prevent complications in adult life. We also aim to gain sponsors and build resources for research in the near future. Many children are still being misdiagnosed and suffer due to lack of medical knowledge.

Our Sponsors

Dee Izmail

Dee Izmail is the founder and chair-woman of Kawasaki Disease UK. Her fight against Kawasaki Disease started in 1993, when her then seven month old daughter first started showing symptoms of the disease but was constantly misdiagnosed by doctors. Luckily a South African nurse who was working at the hospital and who had seen Kawasaki Disease before in South Africa, argued that the symptoms were classic signs of Kawasaki Disease and that treatment should be started immediately. The treatment worked but the lack of knowledge of Kawasaki Disease, even from fully qualified doctors, stuck with Dee and since then she has been working hard to spread awareness of Kawasaki Disease so that the symptoms can be spotted and treated as quickly as possible.

Outside of Kawasaki Disease UK, Dee Izmail is a Ready to

Wear and Couture designer with a diverse sense of style for

an independent and alluring woman. Dee is not only a

fashion designer but a true craftswoman who has worked

with chainmail, broken mirrors, fine wiring embellishment,

Latex and hand-painted clothing.

She has showcased her pieces in many presentations across

the globe and fashion magazines throughout the 80s-90s.

Her Covent Garden Flagship store attracted Virgin Records to

select many items of clothing and Footwear for the Spice Girls

in 1997 and also created various bespoke pieces providing a

total of over 80 pieces throughout the girl power rein that

made Dee an Iconic club wear of the 90s designer. In addition,

Dee is respected for her multiple celebrity works during this

era such as commissions for Beyoncé, Cher, Shania Twaine,

Eddy Izzard, & Warner Bros. for the millennium dress worn by

Isla Fisher. Her work led to her outstanding achievement of

Royal Interview with Prince Andrew.

kawasaki disease and dee izmail
Kawasaki Disease Research

Dee and her daughter Nadia today. Dee still continues her fight to understand the long term damage to adults after Kawasaki Disease.


Learn more in our research Report.


Dee Izmail presents you her new collection inspired by her traumatic ordeal as the mother of a child affected by Kawasaki Disease. This forward-thinking and emotionally charged new collection is a modern body form technology made of laminated air tech, providing lightness and comfort.  

This collection aims to spread hope and positivity to the families, like the designer herself, which could not understand the complexity of the Kawasaki syndrome. With the lack of research over the past 20 years, Dee Izmail aims to raise money for research hoping to achieve a better understanding to prevent heart disease strikes. 

Kawasaki Disease can and could have affected every single one of us.
As a baby or young child, you might have been ill for more than five days and thought it simply was a flu or a bad fever. Sadly it could have been an undiagnosed heart disease triggered by the infectious onset. Over time the body overcomes the illness but leaves dramatic consequences; a heart with aneurysms which can lead to unpredictable cardiac arrest. 

30% of the revenue gained from sales of this collection goes to Kawasaki Disease UK fund.

Kawasaki Disease in adults


Raising awareness for Kawasaki disease - signifying the trauma that impacts children and adults if not diagnosed promptly.


Shop Dee Izmail designs in support of children suffering from Kawasaki Disease
Dee Izmail fashion - supporting research into Kawasaki Disease
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