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How to help Kawasaki Disease UK

Use GoPoolit to help us for Free! 

Supporters like you will change our future for the better. Gifts in wills allow us to

do so much more and change many lives for the better… for generations to come.

“Imagine if every time you posted on social media, you helped raise money for ­­­­­­Kawasaki Disease UK. GoPoolit is a new social media platform that makes that a reality! Here’s how:


Step 1 : Download GoPoolit App and Sign up 

Or Simply Sign up at


Step 2 : Post and Nominate Kawasaki Disease UK


Post any video / photo like what you normally would on other social networks. 

Nominate Kawasaki Fund to receive between 1-10 cents from other followers

around the world.

More Posts you put up, More money you can help raise to Kawasaki Disease UK

to Save more Hearts! 


Step 3 : Pool to the Post you like! 


If you want, you can put a little bit of money into your wallet too. You can Pool 

as little as 1p on a post you like to show your support to different charities and

take part in the fun.

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