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Book a space, save a little heart.

By booking our affordable venues, you participate in our fight against Kawasaki Disease.
We have a range of options available from Offices, Seminar Spaces, Conference Rooms, Large Events Hall and Photography Studios - perfectly equipped for start-ups and creatives.

Watermans Park Building,
40a High Street, Brentford 

Spaces to Rent

2659 square feet Venue Space

  • Includes access to catering and parking facilities

  • ​Perfect for photoshoots, webinars and seminars.

Rooftop Space

  • Situated above Head Office of Kawasaki Disease UK 

  • Great Outdoor Space for Creative Projects

  • ​Perfect for photoshoots and video shoots

  • Donation: £50 / day

Open Space Studio 


  • One-off or Monthly hires

  • Suitable for Photoshoots

2034 square feet Open Space

  • Spacious Open Office Space

  • Includes access to kitchen

  • ​Perfect for Start-ups and Creatives