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Join us at our creative Workshops & Networking Events for professionals and aspiring artists to come together and grow whether in business or on a personal level.

Kawasaki Disease uk

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Kawasaki Disease uk


“I was involved for the first time at the Kawasaki Fund Fashion Fundraiser. I was delighted and honoured to be part of this event as it gave me the opportunity to enhance and add more diverse material to my portfolio as well as gain a better understanding of how a fashion shoot works. 
I believe that the only way to grow as a filmmaker is to always step out of your comfort zone and face new challenges whenever possible. The Kawasaki Fund event did exactly that. It enabled me to apply new techniques and experiment with different styles of shooting to what I’m normally used to, having mostly experience in film. 
I met many great and motivated individuals from different backgrounds and professions which created a great networking opportunity for me and others like me. I definitely hope to be involved again in the next event and recommend it to anyone who wants to grow and expand their network.”

- Fran Gallo, Videography


“I was incredibly pleased to be part of the modelling team experimenting with new looks. The event gave me the opportunity to taste and discover the fashion and modelling industry that was before unknown to me. I met amazing and passionate people, from the photographers, videographers, models and the organizers of the event, Nadia Bolton and Dee Izmail. Working with the models made me realize the challenges of modelling. The photographers were fantastic at making us feel confident. I believe that using fashion to create awareness for the Kawasaki Disease is an excellent opportunity for people to connect with each other, enrich their portfolios, and participate together for a great cause! I really hope to be involved in the next event and definitely encourage people to come along!”

-Beatrice Gallo, Model

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