Kawasaki Survivors' Stories
"Thanks for visiting this page. I am glad to share my daughter, Nadia's story with you all. This is how our journey began with Kawasaki Disease UK."                     

~ Dee Izmail

Nadia's Story

Kawasaki Disease survivors

To have been misdiagnosed before damage to my coronary arteries took place due to KD, infants like me who develop KD at an age younger than 1 are usually the most seriously ill and at greatest risk of long-term heart problems.


I was only seven months old. My condition was escalating at speed, and my parents were told that I had a common flu virus which could be cleared with antibiotics. My parents realized something was wrong when no recovery became evident. On our fourth visit to the pediatricians, it was then that a South African nurse happened to recognize the classic symptoms of KD having seen it in his home country. I was treated with immunoglobulin also called gamma globulin, a blood product containing antibodies, along with aspirin for two years.

Kawasaki Disease Survivor Nadia took part in KD research at Imperial College London

If I remained undiagnosed I would have had heart disease in adult life and limitations to the things I do each day. The cause remains unknown. Researchers believe the disease may be an immune response to an acute infectious illness based in part on genetic susceptibilities. My aim is to continue to help promote awareness with my Mum and raise funds that will aid KD research.

Above: Kawasaki survivor Nadia took part in KD research at Imperial College London, previously held at Great Ormond Street Hospital where she was diagnosed.

Isaiah's Story

"Isaiah is a very brave 12 year old Kawasaki disease survivor. Living with multiple coronary aneurysms. Underwent double bypass surgery at age 4." said Isaiah's mother. 

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Kawasaki Disease survivors Isaiah underwent double bypass surgery at age 4

Louise's Canterbury Half Marathon to support our fund

Kawasaki Disease

"At 9 weeks of age, Louise's daughter, Pippa was admitted to hospital with what we thought was a common childhood illness. After 18 days Pippa was transferred to St Mary’s in London with Kawasaki disease. At such a young age Pippa was our miracle baby. The treatment she was given was so harsh but she has battled through everything, at times rewarding us with smiles and laughter. Due to the late diagnosis Pippa has 2 large aneurysms and will now face a totally different lifestyle due to life long heart damage." said Louise. 

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Sarah's Demastus's Story

"I thought these cases were so rare...I never imagined that my baby would be one of them.

We were there at the hospital. My daughter, who had just turned four months old, was being admitted for a strange rash; not eating; vomiting; a mild cough; and

a high fever." said Mrs D.

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Kawasaki Disease Fighter, Sarah Demastus suffered from strange rash, not eating, etc at at 4 years old
Kawasaki Disease Fighter, Sarah Demastus suffered from strange rasg and vomit at at 4 years old
Kawasaki Disease Fighter, Sarah Demastus had high fever at 4 years old

Harriet's Story

“Undoubtedly, without the advice myself and my GP received we would not have got William the care and treatment he needed before his situation got worse”...


KD UK was contacted by a GP through our enquiries form on our website. They suspected Kawasaki Disease in one of their patients due to his high fever and lymph node swelling and was looking for more information in order to best care for them. The mother, Mrs Hutchinson, was told it was possibly Kawasaki Disease, but later told that this was ruled out, meanwhile his symptoms progressed.


She also contacted us, seeking further information, advice and support; we were able to help. The GP was referred to Professor Michael Levin who was able to advise them and ultimately a diagnosis of Kawasaki Disease was given. The child, William, was admitted into hospital. This meant that treatment for KD was able to start and he began to improve.


Luckily, despite the delay in treatment, they did not develop heart complications. We here at KD UK are very grateful that we were able to assist the GP and the mother in the care that William deserved. As she says, “undoubtedly, without the advice myself and my GP received we would not have got William the care and treatment he needed before his situation got worse.” “The advice we received has proved to be invaluable in ensuring our boy is healthy and recovered.” We encourage every parent or healthcare professional to get in touch with us if you have concerns over a child’s health.