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Undiagnosed Kawasaki Disease is the leading cause of acquired heart disease in children.

New Research Makes Amazing Discovery on How KD Affects Survivors in Adult Life 

KD Signs and Symptoms

A fever that last 5+ days plus:

Parent Guide

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  • What is Kawasaki Disease?

  • What causes Kawasaki Disease?

  • What are the signs and symptoms of Kawasaki Disease?

  • How does a doctor determine if a child has Kawasaki Disease?

  • What is Kawasaki Disease treatment?

  • What are the consequences of the disease is not properly treated?

  • Are there any complications associated with Kawasaki Disease?

  • What can I expect once my child comes home from the hospital?

  • Can my child contract this disease again in the future?

  • Can Kawasaki Disease be prevented?

Kawasaki Disease mostly strikes children under the age of five presenting itself with at least three of six symptoms. This disease can cause serious damage to the heart leading to heart attack if left untreated. Kawasaki Disease is now known to be the leading cause of coronary heart disease in children that affects adult life. It is also suspected to be the primary cause of death by unexplained heart failure in children and young adults. Such cases are on the increase and are believed to be partly hereditary, which poses a 10% chance of being passed onto offspring.

If your child has 3 or more of the above symptoms for more than 4 days, ask the doctor for a heart scan by a paediatric cardiologist!

Nadia's Story

Undiagnosed Kawasaki Disease

To have been misdiagnosed before damage to my coronary arteries took place due to Kawasaki Disease, infants like me who develop KD at an age younger than 1 are usually the most seriously ill and at greatest risk of long-term heart problems. I was only seven months old. My condition was escalating at speed, and my parents were told that I had a common flu virus which could be cleared with antibiotics. My parents realized something was wrong when no recovery became evident. On our fourth visit to the pediatricians, it was then that a South African nurse happened to recognize the classic symptoms of Kawasaki Disease having seen it in his home country. I was treated with immunoglobulin also called gamma globulin, a blood product containing antibodies, along with aspirin for two years.

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For further information, please contact the Kawasaki Disease Specialists. 

Professor Micheal Levine     Tel: +44 (0)20-7594-3760 / Email:       

Dr. Jane Burns                       Tel:  +1- 858-246-0155    / Email:

Rady Foundation Research


The Hunt to Understand COVID-19's

Connection to Kawasaki Disease

"Unusual numbers of children and teenagers living in COVID-19 hotspots like Lombardy, Italy and New York City have developed an inflammatory condition (officially called Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in Children, or MIS-C) that looks a lot like Kawasaki disease. In many cases, the children have also tested positive for COVID-19 antibodies, suggesting the syndrome followed a viral infection.

Dr. Jane C. Burns has studied Kawasaki disease for four decades. Burns says it’s possible that SARS-CoV-2 affects Kawasaki-prone children differently, depending on their unique genetic blueprints. Some could clear a SARS-CoV-2 infection without any inflammatory response. Others could go on to develop Kawasaki-like illness, while still others might exhibit an inflammatory response slightly different than Kawasaki disease.

Nevertheless, parents should not wait to seek medical attention if they see any symptoms of Kawasaki disease in their children, Burns says. With prompt treatment, most children should recover well, she says."

Coronavirus Test for Children

Source: Time Magazine

MAY 27, 2020 8:00 AM EDT 

The founder Dee Izmail set up this charity in 1997 to help other families get a prompt diagnosis for their children after her daughter was misdiagnosed and left with damage to her heart in 1992.

covid-19 is appearing as a trigger to a kawasaki like syndrome that is causing toxic shock & cardiac arrest in children. now named as pims disorder (paediatric inflammatory multi organ syndrome) over 40 children seen with the condition that presents itself in its severity affecting all the organs compared to classic kd. kawasaki disease is a genetic predisposition triggered when the child comes into contact with an agent causing inflammation & irreversible damage to the heart if not diagnosed within 4 days.

Other Survivor's Stories

Last year, William’s family struggled to have him diagnosed in Hull hospital within the critical five day window and he was discharged without a heart scan. Following a call from their GP provided important guidance from KD UK where they were connected with our UK KD specialist Prof. Levine at Imperial college. 
Additionally, baby Caleb’s family found financial support from a Kawasaki Disease UK campaign at Christmas time that helped them through difficulties they were facing, having to give up work to care for their sick child. 
The founder, Dee Izmail, of registered charity Kawasaki Fund and the more recent brand, Kawasaki Disease UK, has been campaigning for more than a quarter of a century to help families have their children diagnosed on time after her own daughter suffered two aneurysms due to lack of GP knowledge.
Today, she’s planning seminars where KD specialists would educate GP’S and parents about this syndrome that has become the biggest acquired heart disease in children and adults. 

To read more stories of people who have survived KD click the botton below. 

Ella's Testimony
"Thank you so much. I cannot begin to describe how thankful we are to receive this donation. After an incredibly difficult period since my son caught KD, you have given us a slither of light. "


To read more testimonials about KD please click the bitton below.

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